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Today, millions of people continue to live in extreme poverty, continue to suffer and die from preventable diseases and rights of millions are abused. ICOD Action Network recognizes the importance of all human rights and calls upon governments and civil society organizations need to take collective action to end health, social and economic disparities.

To achieve lasting change and ensure equity, we need a movement of people collaborating across regions, sectors and generations to tackle challenges and develop solutions. Together, we can create the change needed at every level, from communities to global systems, to give all people the chance to leave a healthy and fulfilling life.

Since 2008, ICOD Action Network has been implementing projects aimed at reducing the incidence of HIV transmission, promote Reproductive Health and build community’s capacity to respond to their most pressing challenges like food insecurity. By 2020, our projects will have impacted millions of people in Uganda and across East Africa.

We work with and partner withna network is over 400 women led, farmers led and PLHAs (People Living with HIV/AIDS) led small, vibrant grassroots organizations to create lasting change. 2016 Call for Partnership Proposals.

Committed to Accountability

We are committed to working in an open and responsible way that builds trust...

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Call forApplications

HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health and Human Rights. Parternships Applications Open

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Finding lasting Solutions

Our approach has continued to inspire individuals and communities to find innovative and sustainable local solutions to end extreme poverty, hunger and diseases. We believe that lasting solutions lie within communities and we remain committed to working with communities to create permanent solutions.

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Reproductive Health

Obstetric fistula highlights persistent global inequalities in access to health care and basic human rights. We are pioneering solar-powered Fistula Tracking centers in East Africa so that we are able to track, manage, treat fistula and provide reconstructive surgery to fistula patients

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HIV/AIDS free World

We work to strengthen the capacity of local community initiatives to support and care for people living with HIV /AIDS and support networks of People Living with HIV/AIDS and high-risk groups. We remain committed advocate for HIV policies and services, and strengthen their…

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We pioneered Permaculture in Uganda back in 2010 because we believe it's the best way to promote food security and rejuvenate the environment. Our permaculture program is driven by the desire to finding “lasting solutions to end global hunger. "Imagine growing your own food, eating fresh fruits and… Read More!

Responding to HIV/AIDS

Our HIV/AIDS program aims at reducing rates of HIV/AIDS prevalence, new infections and effects of opportunistic infections among the victims. We partner with and strengthen the capacity of networks of People Living with HIV/AIDS to support and care for people living with HIV /AIDS. Read More!

Ending Female Genial Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. Today, more than 20 million people die each year due to inequalities in global health. We are working to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation and build safer communities for girls and women. Read More!

Strengthening Partnerships

We work with and through partnerships and do every thing possible to strengthen the capacity of our local grassroots partners. We remain committed to working with local grassroots partners to expand and provide quality services in our 2016 - 2028 cycle.

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ICT for Farmers

We are partnering with small-scale farmers in Uganda in an information-sharing program that provides instruction in Information Technology farmers. Farmers now have access relevant information - such as market access and prices, disease and pest control methods, weather patterns, etc from our solar powered Internet facility. Read More!

Barefoot Grannies

Our Barefoot Grannies model helps create sustainable change in communities where we work through grassroots activism. Through technical support, resource allocation, mentorship, leadership training, and network building, we are building girls and women into exceptional grassroots leaders. Read More!






1000 Partners by 2020

Across East Africa



Southwestern Uganda
  • Housing and safer water extension
  • Food Security and Nutrition
  • Permaculture and IT for farmers
  • Building HIV/AIDS partnerships
  • Regional support and collaboration
  • Human Rights Based Programs
  • Advocacy
  • International coordination

We are Growing

We started as a grass-roots volunteer organization in 2008 and grew into a vibrant national nonprofit.

Feedback Feed

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  • January 2016

    ICT for Farmers

    We are extending our Information Technology project to 30,000 more smallholder farmers in western Uganda

  • June 2016

    Reproductive Health

    Our next call for Partnership Proposals for our Reproductive Health Program is close. Visit us on July 1.

  • November 2015

    Eradicating FGM

    We have extended our Barefoot Grannies Model to ten more women led community groups

  • September 2014

    Our Work

    London Based Planet Earth Institute, interviews our Executive Director. Read the full transcript here






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